Development and growth, by their very nature, have an impact on our environment. In many cases, that impact can be positive, as proactive planning works to preserve open spaces and protects environmentally sensitive areas. Use the resources in this section to learn more about a variety of environmental issues, from clean air and wetlands to Smart Growth and endangered species. Learn what builders are doing to improve our environment – and how you can help.


  • Air Quality  (3 items)
    The Clean Air Act sets the standards for air quality for ozone (smog) and particulate matter (dust). Find out how the Clean Air Act and air quality impacts you.
  • Developers and Endangered Species  (6 items)
    From NAHB Policy to the Endangered Species Act, this section looks at the steps we take to protect our plants, fish, and other animals.
  • Environmental Comment Letters  (11 items)
    NAHB’s comment letters state NAHB’s official position on Federal regulatory issues and advocate for the home building industry.
  • Federal Regulatory Reform  (2 items)
    President Obama directed federal agencies to examine the regulatory burden federal regulations impose on small businesses. NAHB responded indentifying specific regulations in need of reform.
  • Stormwater  (1 item)
    If you disturb one or more acres of land on your construction site, you may need coverage under a Phase I or II stormwater general permit.
  • Wetlands  (6 items)
    Are our wetlands disappearing as fast as they say? Learn the facts behind the wetlands debate here.
What's Going on Where You Build?

NAHB Species FinderUse the NAHB Species Finder to see what plants and animals in your county are subject to listing under the Endangered Species Act.

  • National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)  (4 items)
    The National Flood Insurance Program identifies flood-prone areas in the country, makes flood insurance available to property owners in participating communities and encourages efforts to mitigate flood hazards.
  • Water Quality Trading  (go to item)
    While water quality trading is a new concept to many home builders, it may help them to lower their costs for meeting new, more-stringent stormwater requirements and save money.
  • Climate Change and Resilience  (7 items)
    Communities across the country as well as the Federal government are considering legislation and regulations to address this issue. NAHB is staying on top of this issue through research and review of federal, state and local initiatives.